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Coolas Ice Creamery

Home of the Hand Made Waffle Cone

Our Products

* Home Made Waffle Cones

* 36 Succulent Flavours of Ice Cream

* Sundaes

* Milkshakes /Thickshakes

* Iced Coffee / Chocolate

* Hot Dogs

* Cheesy Dogs

* Hot Toasted Waffles

* Hot Potatoes with a variety of Toppings

* Extensive Range of Cold Drinks

* Hot Coffee & Chocolate

* Warm Friendly Atmosphere


Flavours of Ice Cream

White Chocolate & Raspberry: Old English Toffee:  Stairway to Heaven: Vienna Coffee: Macadamia Nut:

Chocolate ObesessionRum & Raisin:  Oreo Cookies: Vanilla Choc Fudge:  Licorice LicksBoysenberry:

Strawerry SummerGinger MegsBaileys & Scorched Almonds:  Mango Magnificent:  Passionfruit:  Banana Bongo:

Peppermint Choc ChipRainbow:  Bubblegum: Lemon Gelato *: Hokey Pokey: Vanilla Supreme: Pecan Caramel:

Blood Orange Gelato *: Green Apple Sorbet *: Low Fat Water Melon: Blue Heaven Gelato *: New York Chunky Choc:

Strawberry Gelato *: Mango Gelato * : Lemon & Lime Twist *: Rocky Road: Cherry Delight: Apple Crumble: And our very popular...Rock Salt Caramel:

( * Donates Dairy Free options)  (* Donates Gluten Free options)